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Teknocrete Lithopore is a reinforced lightweight concrete that complements PSC’s OptimusFrame SBS, creating a solid cavity-free wall.

Teknocrete Lithopore is an aerated concrete that uses a high quality, enzyme-based foaming agent (Lithofoam) and a foam generator, making it simpler and faster to produce, and easier to control.

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Teknocrete Lithopore is remarkably light yet surprisingly strong.

Teknocrete Lithopore’s density ranges from 400-800 kg/cbm, a far cry from density of normal concrete, which is around 2400 kg/cbm. Teknocrete Lithopore, at 110 mm thickness has a compressive strength of 400-600 psi as compared to compressive strength of common plastered concrete hollow blocks (CHB) that ranges from 150 to 300 psi at 100 mm thickness. Teknocrete Lithopore has outstanding quality and strength, competitive price and emits a neutral, technical odor.




Teknocrete Lithopore has superb thermal insulating properties.

Teknocrete Lithopore’s thermal resistance is measured by its R-value of 7 at 110 mm wall thickness. Teknocrete Lithopore’s performance is 8 to 9 times better than concrete hollow blocks’ (CHB) thermal  resistance, which is at R-value - 0.80 for a 100 mm thick wall.


  • Thermal insulation (R-value) - 7 at 110 mm (wall thickness)

  • Low density at 400-800 kg/cbm

  • Compressive strength - 400-600 psi

  • Fire protection class A1 (no organic ingredients) instead of B1

  • Resistance to moisture

  • Wall thickness - 110mm (minimum)

  • At least 3 times stronger than a CHB wall

  • Good pumpability during pouring, self-leveling & requires no compaction

  • Earth-friendly: Contains lesser carbon footprint. Contains lesser cement and more air. Can be recycled in case of renovations